Wild For Warsaw Nike

Clematis 'Warsaw Nike'

I have a crush on Clematis ‘Warsaw Nike’.  Like many other clematis it is one that you can certainly depend upon to perform nicely in your garden.  What makes it so special to me is its luscious coloring that goes so well with so many other companion plants including, of course, other clematis.  It looks especially nice paired with plants with peach-colored blossoms.  Yellow or magenta can be nice complements as well.

The tepals are painted an opulent, velvet-purple with a hint of red in the central bar. The flower is 5” to 7” in diameter and has 6 to 8 broad tepals.  The contrast of the soft-yellow stamens makes it ornamental eye candy.  This compact clematis grows hits a height of only about 6 to 8 feet, so your favorite container would welcome it with open arms.  It thrives equally in sunny or shady locations and can be pruned either lightly or optionally.  The fact that it is a repeat bloomer is just more icing on the cake, so plan on making a date with Warsaw and take him out to your garden.

Clematis ‘Warsaw Nike’ was raised in 1982 by the renowned clematarian, Brother Stefan Franczak. He named it after a memorial to Nike, the Greek goddess of victory, which was erected in Warsaw city to commemorate its heroes who fought for its freedom during World War II.  Its parentage is unknown.