Out of Commission

If you are a regular visitor to ClematisQueen.com, you may be wondering why there has been a lack of new posts lately. Well, unfortunately, at the end of October, I was walking a little too fast while wearing a pair of high-heel shoes and the next thing I knew I had taken a misstep off of a curb and not only broke my ankle, but my foot in two places.  Ouch!  So, that is the reason for not performing my royal duties as well as I should be.  Since I am one those people who does not like sitting around for long periods of time, I really, really hope to be up and about very soon (i.e. out of this darn walking boot).  But I understand (only because the doctor and physical therapist told me so) that I will not be fully recovered for a couple of months.  I guess the silver lining to this unhappy situation is that I did not have my accident during spring when my babies are flourishing!  Now that would have been a catastrophe.  So, please don’t give up on me because I will do my best to post some new articles very soon.