A Gardener’s True Blue Friend

Bluette Gloves

The following is the manufacturer’s description of their wonderful product: 

Mapa Spontex Bluettes are chemical resistant, puncture resistant gloves made with a 100% jersey cotton liner to absorb your hands sweat to maintain a maximum level of comfort with working in them. Palms have a textured grip and the whole glove is extremely flexible to provide maximum functionality and usability.

Bluette gloves resist hot and cold temperatures, are machine washable and provide an extra long cuff for protection from hazardous chemicals. Bluettes come in four sizes: small, medium, large and extra large. Composition: neoprene/nitrile/acrylic.  Latex Free.

If you are like me, using Bluettes is my go-to choice for household chores.  There is also a nostalgic touch for me because not only do they protect my hands when wearing them, they transport me back in time when my Mummy (that is what children of New Zealanders call their mother) wore these gloves after dinner while washing the dishes as my sister, Lila, and I would stand beside her and do the drying.

Several years ago I discovered these gloves also make the perfect partner for certain chores around the garden, the handiest of which are when I use gardening chemicals (even the environmentally friendly ones), fertilize and/or I want to do a task and still keep my hands dry.  They do the trick because they are waterproof and seem to last forever (as you can see from my picture).

Feeding a clematis using Bluettes

New clematis growth

Since my clematis were starting to takeoff (i.e. putting on new growth) it was time to start feeding them. This is my signal to fertilize the rest of my plants as well.  So, last weekend, I did my first feeding of the season of my USDA Zone 10a garden.  To make my initial fertilizer application I took out my trusty “fertilizing gloves” (a.k.a. Bluettes) and a pail of Grow-Power Flower ‘n’ Bloom (for more information on Feeding).  Depending on which one of their products you use, Grow-Power fertilizers can contain up to 70% “humus” which is the organic matter that makes it such a great soil conditioner.   Humus is also the substance responsible for the rich, dark-brown coloring of their product.  As much as my clematis and other plants love their meal, my hands don’t because it gets under my fingernails and into my skin crevices, turning them that same delightful color.  So, that is why I happily opt to don my Bluettes.



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